A Fox News poll was released today showing Donald Trump losing to virtually every top Democrat opponent. The left was celebrating on social media. The Fox News poll also showed that President Trump’s approval ratings on the economy is the best it’s ever been. President Trump, of course, thought his approval rating on the economy should be at 100%.

But how much stock should anyone put in polls? Did we learn any lessons from the 2016 presidential polls that were horribly wrong?


It wasn’t that long ago that the left was celebrating the polls numbers that showed Hillary  handily defeating Donald J. Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Remember when virtually every poll going into the 2016 election showed President Trump was about to be walloped by Hillary Clinton? Trump voters may as well stay home, there was no point in making the tiresome trip to the polls when the outsider, Donald J. Trump, who was drawing tens of thousands to his rallies, had virtually no chance of becoming the 45th President of The United States. That’s of course, what the Democratic Party media wanted voters to believe.

The polls in swing states showed doom and gloom for Trump. The polls in traditionally blue states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin showed Trump getting crushed by his formidable opponent.

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Only two months before the election, the far-left Detroit Free Press published a poll that showed Hillary beating Trump by 3 percentage points. 

Trump beat Hillary by less than 1% of the vote in the solidly blue state of Michigan.

One month before the election, an NBC/WSJ/Marist poll had Clinton beating Trump by 12 %

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Trump won Pennsylvania by .7%

The University of Marquette Law School poll showed Hillary Clinton beating Trump by 6% only two days before the election.

Trump won Wisconsin by 1.8%

Three months before the 206 election The Wall Street Journal published polls for 3 “toss-up” states:

They had Donald J. Trump losing Colorado to Hillary Clinton by 14% Hillary won N. Carolina by 4.9%

They had Donald J. Trump losing Florida to Hillary Clinton by 5% Trump won N. Carolina by 1.2 %

They had Donald J. Trump losing N. Carolina to Hillary Clinton by 9% Trump won N. Carolina by 3.6 %

They had Donald J. Trump losing Virginia to Hillary Clinton by 13%  Hillary won N. Carolina by 4.9 %

Renowned statistician Nate Silver revealed his general election forecast on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday, and he’s placing Hillary Clinton at a near 80% favorite to win in the fall.

Silver, who runs the data-journalism website FiveThirtyEight, handicapped Clinton’s current odds at 79% while giving Donald Trump a 20% chance of winning the general election.

“There’s a lot of football left to be played. She’s ahead in almost every poll, every swing state, every national poll.”

“Trump has never been ahead of Clinton in the general election campaign,” Silver said. “He did a great job of appealing to the 40 percent of the GOP he had to win the election, the primary — a lot different than winning 51 percent of 100 percent.”


Only weeks before the election, pro-Trump super PAC owner, Ed Rollins spoke with Fox and Friends host Steve Doocey about how Trump will have a difficult time overcoming sexual assault allegations. Rollins and Doocey examine the issues surrounding both candidates, :

We all know how that turned out…

The moral to the story here is…ignore the polls. Get out and vote, because with all of the shenanigans that are sure to go on leading up to the and on the day of the 2020 general election, every vote will count.

Don’t let the Democrat Party mainstream media convince you to stay home because your vote doesn’t matter.

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