Guest post by Selwyn Duke of Blue State Conservative – It has been called the lie that won’t die: that most mass shooters are white. People believe it, too, with carnage committed by whites, such as the Georgia massage-parlor shootings, getting front-page treatment. In contrast, a recent Virginia Beach mass shooting has been largely ignored, and largely for an obvious reason:

It doesn’t fit the mainstream media narrative because it actually reflects the mass-shooting norm.

As Robert Johnson reported at Law Officer on Monday, “Just last week, the media were falling all over themselves to report about white supremacy and mass shootings.” Yet a “mass shooting in Virginia Beach that left seven people shot has been largely ignored by the media across the country.”

Instead, “media outlets are far more concerned with an unrelated incident involving a Virginia Beach officer who shot a suspect near a homicide scene, which happened around the time of the mass shooting and nearby as well,” Johnson continued.

Of course. “Cop shoots (presumed) criminal” is the preferred narrative — that is, if it’s a white cop and a black criminal. (If you’re a white guy killed in a provably bad shooting by a Hispanic cop with known “anger issues,” as happened in Fairfax, Virginia, in 2013, the media memory-hole it.)


But the Virginia Beach mass shooting, which occurred on March 26, was a different story. The suspects arrested, Ahmon Jahree Adams, Nyquez Tyyon Baker, and Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr. were all black; the victims presumably were also all black.

This means it fit the mold of the 92 percent of black homicide victims killed by other black people. It also means the media were as interested in it as a vegan is in a juicy porterhouse.

Their interest instead lies in spreading messages such as that of Kamala Harris’s niece Meena Harris. In the wake of the March 22 Boulder shooting that would claim 10 lives, she tweeted, “Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.”

Soon afterward it was learned that the killer was 21-year-old Syrian Muslim immigrant Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa. But, whatever.

Meena Harris then compounded her display of prejudice with one of ignorance. “I deleted my tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting,” she later posted. “I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are carried out by white men.” That is the big lie repeated so often that people believe it. But what really is a “fact” here?

The numbers relating to mass shootings and race do vary depending on what criteria you apply. For example, how do you define “mass shooting”? And as is often done with crime statistics, will “Hispanic” (which isn’t a race but an ethnicity) be lumped into the “white” category? But whatever standard you apply, whites generally are greatly underrepresented among mass shooters.

Just consider the New York Times, which some years ago actually let the truth slip out. “Seeking deeper insight” into the mass-shooting phenomenon, the paper wrote in 2016, it “identified and analyzed … 358 shootings with four or more casualties, drawing on two databases assembled from news reports and citizen contributors, and then verifying details with law enforcement agencies.” The conclusion?

Overall, “nearly three-fourths of victims and suspected assailants whose race could be identified were black,” the Times informed.

In “‘Woke supremacy’ and the lies about race and mass shootings,” Law Officer provided somewhat different numbers. “The Mass Shooting Tracker evidences that in 2019, ‘Blacks’ were responsible for 51% of all mass shootings; while Whites were responsible for 29%; and Latinos, 11%,” the site related March 24.

Note here that blacks constitute 13 percent of our population, non-Hispanic whites approximately 60 percent, and Hispanics 17 percent.

Virtually all the black-on-black mass shootings are driven by gangland/drug turf wars, revenge, or some other rational though base motive. The mass shootings you hear about, though, aren’t these but the unusual, man-bites-dog events. Examples would be the aforementioned massage-parlor shootings, committed by an apparently deranged 21-year-old man who somehow believed his crimes would mitigate his “sex addiction”; or the 1999 Columbine, Colorado, massacre in which two possibly revenge-bent teens murdered 13 people.

Yet I determined via a 2014 analysis using comprehensive mass-shooting dating from 1982 through 9/16/2013, provided by liberal site Mother Jones, that whites aren’t even overrepresented in the high-profile events. In fact, the races were represented almost exactly in accordance with their overall share of the population, with the exception being Asian-descent Americans, who were overrepresented. (This is interesting because they generally exhibit the least criminality.)

The bottom line is that most mass shooters are not white. But the race hustlers can still console themselves with another fact: Most mass liars in the media and politics — the people peddling anti-white propaganda and playing the racial divide-and-conquer game — certainly seem to be.


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