Folks, today, I bring to you a tale of abandonment and denial, a tale that’s been swept under the rug by the very people who claim to be champions of family values.

Let’s talk about Navy Roberts, the forgotten grandchild of President Joe Biden, and the unsettling dismissal of her existence by the Democratic party.

This isn’t about politics.

It’s about a child, a four-year-old girl who happens to be the daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts.

But, if you were to ask House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies, you’d hear a different story.

At a recent press event, when asked about Navy Roberts, Jefferies responded, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” before swiftly diverting the conversation towards Biden’s economic record.

It’s as if Navy has become a non-entity, conveniently forgotten when it suits the narrative.

But Jefferies isn’t the only one with selective amnesia.

It’s a trait that seems to be rampant among the Democrats.

The entire Biden family has been curiously quiet about the existence of Navy Roberts.

For a year after her birth, Hunter Biden vehemently denied being her father, going as far as to claim he’d never had sexual relations with Lunden Roberts. It took a DNA test in

November 2019 to confirm the truth. And even after that, Hunter tried to dodge child support payments and allegedly hid at the White House to avoid being served legal papers.

It’s one thing for Joe Biden to ignore his grandchild – that’s a personal family matter.

But it’s an entirely different ballgame when the whole Democratic party joins in on this appalling denial. Is this the party we expect to stand up for families?

The party that so conveniently disregards the existence of a child when it’s politically expedient?

The hypocrisy here is palpable, and it’s a grim reminder that political posturing often takes precedence over the very values these figures claim to champion.

It’s a slap in the face to every American family that trusts them to uphold family values and rights.

How repulsive and offensive is that?

Here’s the analysis from The Federalist:

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies denied the existence of Joe Biden’s seventh grandchild on Thursday, making the New York Democrat the latest to partake in the Biden family’s continued shunning of one of its youngest members.

The moment came during a Thursday press event in which Jeffries was asked by a reporter whether he thinks the president should acknowledge the existence of Navy Roberts, the 4-year-old daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts. Rather than address the question, Jeffries replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” before going on to lie about Joe Biden’s economic record.

Jefferies is hardly the only Democrat to deny the existence of Navy Roberts. In fact, the entire Biden family has continuously refused to recognize the 4-year-old. In the year following Navy’s birth, Hunter “repeatedly denied” he was the girl’s father, even going as far as to claim he didn’t have sexual relations with Lunden. A DNA test administered in November 2019, however, proved that Hunter is indeed Navy’s father.

Even after the test confirmed his parentage, Hunter attempted to get out of paying child support to Lunden. He’s also reportedly hid at the White House to avoid being served legal papers over the matter.

It’s a rare sight in our divided nation to see a supermajority of people agreeing on a single issue.

Yet, that’s precisely what we have on our hands today, and it involves none other than President Joe Biden himself.

According to a poll conducted by WPA Intelligence for the Club for Growth, an astonishing 69% of Americans believe that President Joe Biden should acknowledge the existence of his seventh grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts.

This isn’t just Republicans or conservatives speaking, folks. This is a diverse group of voters, with 38% identifying as “strong” or “somewhat” Democratic, and 37% identifying as “very” or “somewhat” conservative.

This isn’t a partisan issue.

This is a matter of basic decency.


Navy Roberts, a four-year-old girl, is the child of Hunter Biden and his ex-girlfriend, Lunden Roberts.

Despite a settlement about a month ago determining that Navy Joan wouldn’t bear the Biden name, the majority of Americans believe it’s high time for the President to acknowledge his grandchild.

In a world where we can barely agree on anything, 69% of Americans have come together on this issue.

It’s a testament to the fact that we, as a society, value family and recognize the importance of acknowledging our loved ones, regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

The Daily Signal reports that a ‘supermajority’ of Americans want Biden to acknowledge his granddaughter:

A supermajority of respondents in a new poll say President Joe Biden should acknowledge the existence of his seventh grandchild and nearly as large a majority opposes the idea of the federal government using tax dollars for slavery reparations.

In a poll released Wednesday and conducted from July 18 to July 22 by WPA Intelligence for the Club for Growth, 1,000 likely voters answered questions about their views on these and other questions.

The voters came from a variety of backgrounds, with only 36% identified as a “strong” or “somewhat” Republican and 38% identified as “strong” or “somewhat” Democratic. Additionally, the respondents split on their political views, with 37% identifying themselves as “very” or “somewhat” conservative and 29% as “very” or “somewhat” liberal.

As such, it apparently wasn’t just Republicans or conservatives who thought it would be “the right thing” for Biden to acknowledge his granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts.

Roberts is the 4-year-old, out-of-wedlock daughter of first son Hunter Biden and ex-girlfriend Lunden Roberts. About a month ago, Roberts and Hunter settled a case that decided Navy Joan would not use the last name Biden.

Yet, President Biden continues to show his cold and heartless side, disregarding the wishes of the majority.

This isn’t just about a political figure ignoring his grandchild anymore; it’s about a President ignoring the sentiments of the American people.

So, here’s a thought: Maybe it’s time for President Biden to pay heed to this supermajority and do what is evidently “the right thing”.

Acknowledge Navy Roberts, Mr. President.

The American people are watching.

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