Food is now racist?

Swiss-based big-box furniture company IKEA is the target of the NAACP after the Atlanta store served a soul food Juneteenth-themed menu that offended 20 employees. Even though the company has apologized, the NAACP isn’t letting this go. Will IKEA’s gesture cause a shakedown of the company by the NAACP? Will the company need to take ‘diversity and inclusion’ classes to become more ‘woke’? Stay tuned…

Georgia State NAACP President, James Woodall, spoke with TMZ to say that the apology is “lip service” and that they need further action. Woodall says he thinks serving fried chicken, collard greens, and watermelon “helps perpetuate attacks against black people” by what he described as “white supremacy.”

Atlanta’s NAACP Prez, Richard Rose, claimed the company lacks diversity among “decision-makers” even though IKEA claims there were black co-workers who were in on the menu decisions.

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This all started when a company email went out listing the menu for the Juneteenth celebration, “to honor the perseverance of Black Americans and acknowledge the progress yet to be made,” and then the “special menu” was listed below:

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