Hours after controversial Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized for making comments deemed anti-Semitic, she turned around and retweeted a thread from Ady Barkan defending the claim she had apologized for earlier in the day.  Barkan also slammed Nancy Pelosi in the tweet (see below) saying that campaign contributions from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) buy support for the group’s positions.

Ms. Omar praised Barkan who told of being a staffer on a campaign in 2006 when the candidate agreed to take stances on two issues in exchange for a contribution from AIPAC:

He ended his Twitter thread with a slam at Nancy Pelosi for denouncing Omar’s anti-Semitism:

I am deeply disappointed in SpeakerPelosi for her failure today. When AIPAC and its army try to silence criticism of the immoral, illegal, inhumane occupation by screaming about anti-semitism and claiming that nobody may ever talk about how the Israel lobby uses money to build power, don’t fall for their bullshit. They are doing terrible things in the name of Jews and of Israel, and it behooves the American Jewish community to resist them, resist their agenda, stand up for Free Speech, and stand up for justice.

Omar retweeted the slam to Pelosi and complimented him on his “courage”. She ended her tweet with “in solidarity.”

“Your courage can’t be matched. I am often in tears thinking about how you won’t be with us in this fight and how I am going to miss your presence and courage. In solidarity my friend, in solidarity.”

It looks like Ilhan Omar just dug herself a deeper hole.

She was asked last night about whether she believes her committee appointments will be withdrawn:

“Absolutely not”

Mark Levin and Lee Zeldin call out the hypocrites in Congress for not stripping Omar of her committee assignments:


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