On Thursday, the Somali-Muslim immigrant turned US lawmaker, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) tweeted about the abhorrent and inhumane conditions on our border. In her tweet, Omar, who has been criticized by both parties for making multiple anti-Semitic remarks, blames “white nationalism” for the overflowing detention centers on our border. For now, Omar has given up on her hateful rhetoric aimed at Jews and at Israel, as she focuses on a new target—white people living in America.

According to the US Congresswoman, any white American who believes we are a nation of laws and that those laws should be upheld, especially when it comes to a foreign invasion on our southern border, is a “white nationalist.”

This is abhorrent and inhumane. It’s without a doubt a reflection of what white nationalism is doing to our country. As a country, we have to acknowledge that this is how people are being treated here and decide that we are better and we must do better.

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Omar doesn’t explain what she means when she accuses anyone who wants to stop the mass invasion of unchecked illegal aliens from flooding our nation of being “white nationalists.” Much like the anti-Semitic remarks, Omar was called out for, the Somali immigrant turned US lawmaker, doesn’t hold back when targeting people for their race or religious preferences on social media.

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Not everyone agrees with Omar, however. Everyone from Latino Americans to Fox News contributors called out the divisive lawmaker for her hateful and ignorant rhetoric.

As a latino living on the border. You dont speak for us.


Fox News contributor and writer for The Hill, Liz Peek, slammed Omar’s insane remarks, asking her, “White nationalism is causing tens of thousands to try to enter US illegally? Good grief- what are you spouting ?”

Bestselling author and radio talk show host, Neal Bortz reminded Omar, “They aren’t migrants. They are an invasion force.”

Our good friend, and outspoken conservative, Scott Presler reminded the divisive lawmaker of how truly ignorant her comments must feel to those who have forever lost a family member at the hands of the illegal aliens Omar is so quick to defend.

Presler tweeted:

You know what’s abhorrent and inhumane? The fact that Kate Steinle is permanently separated from her mom & dad. She was murdered by an illegal alien.

Doctor B reminds Omar that no one forced these people to illegally enter our country, telling her, “They are free to leave.”

John Brea explains to Omar why the detention centers are overflowing and about the burden they are putting on our law enforcement agencies, like the US Border Patrol.

Are you kidding me?


They are ILLEGALLY entering the country.

They are overloading our border patrol.

It’s an invasion!

But I guess you want that right?

“Steph” calls Omar an “ingrate” and reminds her of how the United States saved her from the hell-hole of Somalia, so she could come here and accuse us of being “white nationalists?”

You are such an ingrate. We saved you from that hell hole you came from and you accuse us of the worst things for no reason. I want YOU deported so you can remember how great and generous the U.S. really is and eat every last insult you spew at us.

“Rickshaw” blames the Democrats from enticing poor foreigners to crash our borders and then complain that our immigration system can’t accomodate the massive invasion.

What’s abhorrent is enticing these poor people here by your party’s lies & then enjoying seeing them in that situation while you salivate as you post your next political tweet about it.


And finally, Minnesota resident Tim Keating asks:

How do you get white nationalism out of that you idiot?!?! Did you ever hear of laws? Well, we have them here & the law states you cannot enter the country illegally without consequences. You are an embarrassment to our state!


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