Here’s evidence that illegals have more rights than legal US citizens! The answer to where this animal can be located is that THE POLICE HAVE NO IDEA WHERE HE IS! He was released with the stipulation that he return four months later…Duh! Is it any wonder that the guy didn’t show up for his court appearance!  This is happening way too often! These men will rape or commit a crime and then flee back to Mexico. CLOSE OUR BORDER WITH MEXICO NOW! 

Police across multiple states, including California, are looking for a man accused of raping a 3-year-old girl.

In November of 2015, Juan Hernandez Zuniga was arrested for rape of a child in the first degree. He was booked into the Adams County Jail in Washington State.

Zuniga was later released on bail and was ordered to return to court four months later. Police say Zuniga failed to make his court appearance, and a felony warrant for his arrest was then issued.

Officials do not believe he’s still in Washington State. They believe he’s likely traveled south and may be hiding in California looking for a way to get into Mexico. Border Patrol has been notified.


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