Mayte Lara must not be THAT smart because she was bragging about her free ride to UT and then mentioned she’s illegal…Karma must have decided to step in because she was hammered so hard on Twitter and Facebook that she had to close the accounts. She’s here illegally and taking away a scholarship that could have gone to a LEGAL college student!

Mayte Lara graduated valedictorian from her high school with a 4.5 GPA and is now heading to the University of Texas with every last dime of tuition paid for by taxpayers. She has “nice legs” and oh, is an undocumented immigrant illegal alien invader.


As of Wednesday, Ibarra deleted her Twitter account, changed the name on her Facebook page and switched its profile picture to a black square. She did not return requests for comment.

The school district and the University of Texas at Austin also did not immediately return messages.

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