Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight went downhill fast for an illegal alien lawyer who has been allowed to practice law in New York State. He believes anyone who isn’t a criminal or terrorist should be an American…

The opening monologue from Carlson is fantastic and then the illegal alien lawyer takes the discussion down to a really idiotic level at around the 4:15 point.

Carlson makes many valid points:

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“The truth is, our ruling class supports our current immigration policy because, for them, its all upside. For them, open borders mean cheaper labor and bountiful household help, and above all the sense that, unlike you, they’re good people.”


“The United Nation was created mainly in the Declaration of Independence because the King restricted immigration.”

That’s when Tucker became visibly perplexed and began to snicker, but it didn’t stop Vargas:

“The King of England said, ‘states, colonies, you can no longer bring people from other countries.’ And what happened?

Keep in mind that after a lengthy court battle, Vargas, who is not a U.S. citizen, was allowed to be sworn in as a member of the New York State Bar. He has achieved success, in part, on his own inaccurate belief of  how America was founded.

Wow! Can you imagine if one of us went to a foreign country illegally and then boldly set up shop to practice law?

After a failed attempt to “educate” Vargas about the American Revolution, Tucker went on to challenge Vargas’ argument that anyone who doesn’t have a criminal record or who isn’t a terrorist should be allowed into the United States.

“Shouldn’t we aim a little bit higher than that, if we really cared about the country?” Tucker asked.

It went on like that for the next few minutes with Carlson presenting facts and the lawyer dancing around the facts. Facts like 1 in 5 in California are poor.

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