“Legal Latino Heat” filmed a tent city full of illegals (Language alert!) that’s right between two courthouses in Santa Ana, California! This is Sanctuary City Hell! Santa Ana declared itself a Sanctuary City in December of last year in “defiance of Trump” (see below).

Coming From New York City I thought the homeless were bad over there. Here they have their own community and the city allows it. Illegals and criminals have their way in Liberal Sanctuary cities.
If you needed more evidence to convince you that sanctuary cities are destroying our country, then look no further than this…

Activist Legal Latino Heat released a shocking video that shows a massive tent city packed with illegals, drug addicts, and their pets. sprawls across the Plaza of the Flags situated in the heart of the Santa Ana Civic Center

This illegal camp is centered in sanctuary city of Santa Ana, California, sprawling across the Plaza of the Flags situated in the heart of the Santa Ana’s Civic Center.

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It doesn’t even look like America!

SANTA ANA DECLARE ITSELF A SANCTUARY CITY IN DECEMBER OF 2016: Santa Ana declares itself a sanctuary city in defiance of Trump

Since Donald Trump was elected president in November, cities with large Latino populations have debated how to respond.

Many activists have urged these communities to do everything they can to protect people in this country illegally, even though such efforts might jeopardize some federal funding from a Washington in which Republicans will control not only the White House but also Congress.

Santa Ana — the seat of Orange County and home to one of the nation’s largest Latino populations — decided this week to strike a defiant tone.

City Council members voted to declare Orange County’s second-most populous city a sanctuary city — a largely symbolic gesture to protect immigrants who are in the country illegally.

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Tuesday’s vote is historic in that it makes Santa Ana the first city in Orange County to grant itself the designation. It joins dozens of other cities across the country that have declared themselves sanctuaries.


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