We noticed that when illegal aliens stormed Senator Schumer’s neighborhood last night that several links were provided on twitter to organizations that are backed by George Soros and other far-left organizations. When we took a screen-shot of some protesters who looked pretty official, we noticed links below the photo that you could click on to donate or visit a website for MoveOn.org or United We Dream. This isn’t grassroots protesting but VERY organized and very militant. Remember that Obama’s cabinet was full of people who were activists and radicals. For example, DNC Chair Tom Perez is a past member of the radical hispanic group La Raza aka The Race. This is your “fundamental transformation” and we all need to oppose it at all costs.
The end game is legalizing millions of hispanics in states ready to turn them BLUE. In fact, a new California policy lets illegals vote…This is a very slippery slope that keeps getting steeper.

John Binder at Breitbart.com reported:

Illegal aliens charged into pro-amnesty Sen. Thom Tillis’ (R-NC) Senate office on Capitol Hill demanding an immediate amnesty for all 12 to 30 million illegal aliens living in the United States, hurling insults in the process.

As the group of illegal aliens and open borders activists — with the George Soros-funded group “United We Dream” — stormed Tillis’ office demanding amnesty, one illegal alien from North Carolina shouted, “F*ck this conservative! F*ck this person!”


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It’s all about the votes for MoveOn.org and other organizations…


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