“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” – President Trump

A Mexican national was just arrested for drunk driving and had been released by Border Patrol earlier this year for “having sex with a cow.” Sex with a cow???

According to Law Enforcement Today:

Laws against bestiality vary and are largely a matter of state law rather than federal.  At this time, only a handful of states have legalized bestiality, and there is no federal law that explicitly prohibits sexual intercourse between humans and animals.  Until very recently, bestiality was still legal in Texas.

KGBT’s Sydney Hernandez reports illegal alien Jose Nino was arrested in March for “having sex with a cow”:

The man who was arrested after police say Border Patrol agents saw what appeared to be him “having sex with a cow” near the border was arrested again, this morning, on different charges.

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TX DPS Troopers arrested Mexican national Jose Nino for DWI in Rio Grande City.

CBS 4 reported in March:

Starr County deputies were called out to the Starr/Hidalgo County line on Friday night in reference to a bestiality case.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with Border Patrol agents and stated that they witnessed a man who appeared to be “having sex with a cow.”

After investigation, authorities determined that Nino was the suspect.

According to local news, Nino was “in U.S. Border Patrol custody” after the incident but for some reason, border patrol let him go.

He just was arrested again for DWI in Rio Grande City by Texas troopers.

Deport this man!

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