If anyone out there is wondering why we have so many repeat offenders who are deported but come back to the U.S., this is a perfect case to explain why. The bottom line is that there is ZERO deterrent for coming back. The repeat offenders get a slap on the wrist, so they just keep coming across our border to commit more crimes.

When President Trump says “they’re not sending their best” to America, this man should come to mind. He was convicted of raping a child in 2006 and served seven years in jail. Well, he’s back in a Kansas jail facing immigration charges for unlawfully re-entering the U.S. after being deported back to Mexico.

According to the Salina Post, Simon Rochel-Cervantes had been released on Feb. 19 and transferred to federal custody. He had previously been removed from the country in February 2000 at Laredo, Texas.

He has entered the U.S. twice (that we know of) illegally and has committed the heinous crime of rape of a child:

The Kansas sex offender registry states Rochel-Cervantes’ victim was 11 years old.

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He will get a slap on the wrist for coming back. It’s no wonder criminals just keep coming back to the U.S. after they are deported. Rochel-Cervantes could get two years in prison and a $250,000 fine. That’s it.


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People like this man are making a mockery of our border officials and our court systems. What’s to stop him from coming back?

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