African illegal aliens destroy Italy! After they arrived by boat by the thousands, they’re restless and resort to violence….


Open borders have consequences! These are economic migrants who come looking for freebies and then complain about conditions:

In June of 2016 over 10,000 migrants came to Italy via boat:

More than 10,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy in just four days as the European Union fails to provide a deterrent by sending back those found not to be genuine refugees.
EU leaders will today be presented with figures that show as few as six per cent of those told go back home to Africa last year actually left.

Remember that the European Union is all for open borders in Europe…


Scattered acts of vandalism by immigrants continued throughout the day as some smashed store windows. Police said that in two separate incidents locals had tried to run over immigrants with their cars. Schools and many shops were closed.

Hundreds of local residents gathered outside the town hall on Friday evening, many of them asking that the government intervene against the immigrants.

“They are the ones who should be afraid now, they should go away,” one resident told Sky Italia television.


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