Recent footage posted to social media shows groups of immigrants jumping over the 30-foot high US-Mexico border wall and sprinting across a major Texas highway, narrowly dodging oncoming traffic.

Two videos, both posted on Instagram, were taken by drivers along the southern position of state highway Loop 375.

In one of the videos taken during broad daylight, immigrants are seen strolling through an opening in the fence and walking right into the US. The driver who was recording the immigrants can be heard yelling, “Look at this, you got a brother tripping! Look at that!”

“This is our government f***ing money bro. Yes sir,” he said, as more immigrants continued to emerge from the fence. “Another one, another one, another one!”

In another video, more migrants are seen crossing the border and running across the highway after the darkness had set in. The caption for the videos, posted on FitFam El Paso, warned, “Migrant crossings across the Border Highway continue in record numbers, with some crossings ending in fatalities after runners are struck by unsuspecting vehicles. Take caution when driving along the southern portion of 275!”

Signs are placed along this stretch of freeway that warn drivers of “unexpected pedestrians” that could be crossing the busy road.

Although the local police department maintains that the US Border Control “constantly” patrols the area, cartels are also watching the border for gaps in surveillance.

Sgt. Enrique Carrillo of the El Paso Police Department commented on the videos, telling the New York Post, “Pedestrians shouldn’t be running across a highway.”

“At highways speeds, and depending on other variables, such as time of day and tragic conditions… striking a pedestrian who darts out suddenly may be unavoidable and creates hazardous conditions for everyone in that area,” added Carrillo.

The El Paso police have reported multiple deaths of border crossers being struck by vehicles on the highways as they attempt to run across it.

Less than one week prior, Customs and Border Patrol told Fox News that there have been 600,000 migrant “gotaways,” meaning that they had been spotted by either a border patrol officer or a camera but not apprehended in the year 2022.

A spokesman for the US Border Patrol, Landon Hutchins, also spoke out on the type of crossing shown in the Instagram videos. Hutchins warned, “This is a very dangerous place for migrants to cross.”

After the immigrants cross into US territory, they wander into nearby neighborhoods and trespass on private property. One resident of a local neighborhood, Luis Lujan, commented on these simple border crossings. Lujan shared his, and other locals’, fears about the major influx of illegal immigrants.

“It’s real bad because sometimes there’s up to 10, 15 of them running all over,” said Lujan. “[Our neighbors are] afraid – we don’t know if they’re going to break into our houses. We don’t confront them because we don’t know if they have funs. We don’t know if they have knives.”



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