It’s great to see one of the Justices questioning the dictatorship of Obama. The vote will likely be a split vote even though the federal law should be followed. Illegal is illegal. If they side with Obama then we’ll have millions of illegals who’ll get amnesty just in time for the 2016 election. Couldn’t be better timing for Barack…Let’s hope that Justice Roberts finds his “manhood” and votes with the American people. 

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. prodded the Obama administration Monday to explain President Obama’s immigration flip-flop, when Mr. Obama in 2014 reversed himself and decided he did, after all, have powers to grant a tentative amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants.

Mr. Obama had repeatedly denied he had that kind of power, then after the 2014 election, when Congress refused to act on his policies, the president claimed a do-over and said he did have the power.

Chief Justice Roberts wondered what changed in Mr. Obama’s mind, and even read back one of Mr. Obama’s quotes to Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. recounting the president saying he would be “ignoring the law” if he were to grant a broad stay of deportation to millions of illegal immigrants.

“What was he talking about?” the chief justice prodded.

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Mr. Verrilli said Mr. Obama may have changed his mind after asking the Justice Department’s legal advisory branch to take a closer look at his powers.

“You know, what happened here is that the president and the secretary went to the Office of Legal Counsel and asked for an opinion about the scope of their authority to ­­the scope of this discretionary authority, and they got one. And they exercised it consistently with that and up to the limits of that and no further,” Mr. Verrilli said.

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Immigrant-rights activists had repeatedly told Mr. Obama he had authority to grant “deferred action” to million of illegal immigrants, but the president shot those requests down, telling the activists he didn’t think he could defend that action in court.

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