Thank goodness for the two maintenance workers who heard a crying baby and found a newborn baby girl in a trash dumpster last week. They saved the life of a 6-pound 8-ounce baby who is now in the custody of the Flordia Dept. of Children and Families.

Even though there is a law in Florida that says you can drop a newborn off at any firehouse or hospital, an illegal alien from Brazil probably doesn’t have a clue about that law.

The Brazilian woman who is a nail technician told authorities that she delivered a baby girl and put her in a plastic bag. She then tossed her into a dumpster. It doesn’t end there:

KMOV reports that Sousa told detectives that she tried to get the baby to respond, waiting three hours for her to breathe. A report says she said she went back to the dumpster two times to make sure the baby was dead, but she never approached the bag because there were other people nearby.

Florida’s Palm Beach County detectives arrested illegal alien Rafaelle Alessandra Carbalho Sousa the next day on attempted murder and child abuse charges.

Immigration officials plan to deport Sousa as soon as her case is resolved.


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