The Catholic church is now using its parishioner’s donations to flaunt our laws and endanger the health and well-being of legal Americans.

A tweet posted late Friday shows that luxury coaches are now being used to transport illegals around and across the country. In the tweet, the narrator claims the migrants were first tested for Covid but doesn’t say if positive results had any bearing on whether or not the migrants would be allowed to board.

Catholic charities are said to be funding the extravagant rides, in brazen defiance of Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA 37 which seeks to bar people from providing ground transportation to migrants detained by Customs Border Patrol for illegally crossing the border — a move that gives the state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) authority to stop and reroute “any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion” of violating the order.

We reported here that as many as 7000 Covid positive migrants were released into McAllen Texas since February, and here we told you Catholic Charities of McAllen, Texas, keeps flushing illegals out to cities across America where they could be infecting Americans.

Illegals are costing our country a fortune. The debt will fall to future generations that will never be able to dig out of the financial hole being dug by so-called “religious charities” working in conjunction with the America-destroying Democrats.


The left, which normally despises Christianity and Catholicism in particular, has finally found common ground with the church and tweeted  their delight with the recent illegal move:

One person posted, Imagine that. A church that actually does God’s work.

While another claimed: That’s what Jesus would do.

At last check, Jesus healed the sick, he didn’t spread their illness to others.

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