Yesterday, during a stop in Iowa, Democrat Senator, Kamala Harris of California, who hasnt’ officially announced yet, but is very likely running for president in 2020, did her part to set the stage for the Democrat narrative that the invasive mob of illegal aliens is a good thing.  Yesterday, while she was in Iowa, the far-left lawmaker told reporters that the United States should be “welcoming” the massive migrant mob, whose participants are traveling to our southern border.

Harris told CNN that Americans should be “welcoming” and “tolerant” of the mob of new Democrat voters, who they hope to see crossing the border before the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the woman who would like to think of herself as the spokesperson for the Democrats, and their most promising female candidate (after Pocohantas was outed), could barely find 70 people in Iowa who were interested in anything she had to say:

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Funny thing is, most Americans are not interested in “welcoming” foreigners who burn our flag. We already have enough leftist citizens in America who kneel for and burn our flag.

Steve Cortez, who’s part of President Trump’s  Hispanic Advisory Council, posed a very important question: The caravan waves Honduran flags as they trespass borders. If they’re so proud of Honduras, why not stay there and improve their country!


Breitbart Texas reported- Less than six months ago, a similar migrant caravan was allowed to cross into the U.S. with weak asylum claims despite threats from President Trump of closing down the border. Many migrants from that caravan are now illegal aliens living in the U.S. as they await their asylum hearings.

YESTERDAY, after President Trump was criticized by the media for questioning the bad actors embedded in the migrant mob, Judicial Watch, and reporter Sara Carter, exposed the truth about who’s traveling with the future hopeful Democrat voters.

Judicial Watch reports – Besides gang members and mobs of young angry men, the Central American caravan making its way into the United States also consists of Africans, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, and Indians. Judicial Watch is covering the crisis from the Guatemalan-Honduran border this week and observed that the popular mainstream media narrative of desperate migrants—many of them women and children—seeking a better life is hardly accurate. Guatemalan intelligence officials confirmed that the caravan that originated in the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula includes a multitude of Special Interest Aliens (SIA) from the countries listed above as well as other criminal elements and gang members.

There are also large groups of men, some with criminal histories, aggressively demanding that the U.S. take them in. During a visit to the Guatemalan town of Chiquimula, about 35 miles from the Honduran border, Judicial Watch encountered a rowdy group of about 600 men, ages 17 to about 40, marching north on a narrow two-lane highway. All of the migrants interviewed by Judicial Watch repeated the same rehearsed line when asked who organized the caravan, insisting it was a spontaneous event even though there were clearly organizers shouting instructions in Spanish and putting select persons in front of cameras for interviews. A few claimed they heard about it on local news in Honduras. All of them said the caravan was not about politics but rather poverty. “I just want to get back to the U.S.,” said a 32-year-old man who admitted he has been deported from the U.S. twice. “We are all just looking for work.” The group radiated a sense of empowerment. One marcher, who appeared to be in his late teens, yelled “you go live in Honduras and see what it’s like!”

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, a conservative, said in a local newspaper report that leftist interests seeking to destabilize the country are manipulating migrants.  Women and children are being used without regard to the risks to their lives, Hernández said. “The irregular mobilization was organized for political reasons to negatively affect the governance and image of Honduras and to destabilize the peace of neighboring countries,” the president said, adding that many have returned to the country after realizing they’ve been fooled.

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