The pain and suffering of 5 Americans was 100% preventable. The case below is a perfect example of what President Trump is talking when he talks about how “they don’t send their best”. The illegal in the case below was wreckless and endangered many lives of innocent Americans. Is this what we want on our streets?

Rolando Martinez had total disregard for American law when he got behind the wheel of a car drunk and drove through Austin shooting at everything in sight with an AR-15

“In this case, a person who should not have been in this country got drunk, got his hands on an AR-15, and started shooting at random people in Austin. Thank God no one was killed. – U.S. Attorney Bash

A federal judge just sentenced 27-year-old Mexican National Rolando Martinez to 106 months in federal prison.

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel also ordered Martinez to pay $2,240 restitution to his victims. Martinez will be deported after he serves jail time in the U.S.

The DOJ reports:

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According to court records, beginning in the early morning hours of November 4, 2017, the Austin Police Department received numerous 911 calls regarding a Hispanic male driving a black vehicle while firing a semiautomatic rifle at persons and vehicles.  Based on information provided to law enforcement, members of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force were able to identify and apprehend the defendant that evening on outstanding warrants.  Texas Department of Public Safety troopers also located Martinez’s vehicle abandoned near Interstate 35 and East Highway 290 in Austin.  Inside the vehicle, they discovered a semiautomatic rifle which matched a description provided by victims and witnesses.  During a subsequent search of the defendant’s residence, authorities discovered a “Firearms Transfer Bill of Sale” made out to the defendant for an AR-15 with the same serial number found on the weapon seized from inside the defendant’s vehicle.  Martinez later admitted that he had been drinking at a local bar the night before and did not remember much prior to waking up in a grassy median approximately 200 feet from where his vehicle was discovered abandoned.

The details of what happened are horrific. Martinez shot  a 7-year old girl in the head:

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The Statesman reports:

The first incident happened before 2 a.m., when police responding to an unrelated call in North Austin say they heard gunshots at El Nocturno Nightclub on North Lamar Boulevard. Five minutes later, a man called 911 to say someone had shot into his vehicle about 4 miles from the club near Interstate 35 and Airport Boulevard.

In the third incident, police say a 7-year-old girl was shot in the head while riding in a vehicle with two adults, who were also injured. Myers said he has learned through prosecutors that the girl has mostly recovered but will have some degree of physical impairment going forward.

This man came illegally to the U.S. and had total disregard for our laws once he got here. He injured 5 Americans who never would have been injured if we had a secure border and better immigration laws. Build the Wall!

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