Thank goodness this brave girl came forward to turn in these two illegal aliens for the horrendous crime they committed against her. It has not been confirmed that this is gang related (MS-13) but we know that rapes by gang members are at high levels. We recently reported on a Colorado teen who was kidnapped and raped by MS-13 gang members on a local golf course. In July, there was a case of illegal teens raping a mother in front of her 4-year old child. You can thank Obama for opening the flood gates to let these “illegal minors” into America.

Two teenagers have been charged with kidnapping and raping a classmate in a horrifying attack allegedly orchestrated by the victim’s 13-year-old classmate.
El Salvadorian illegal immigrant Victor Antonio Gonzalez-Guttierres, 19, and Edgar Natanal Chicas-Hernandez, 17, were arrested after the victim told police she was grabbed while walking home from school on September 2, taken to an apartment and sexually assaulted.
She told the cops the pair were classmates who were classmates who claimed they were acting on orders from the younger female acquaintance, according to the Frederick-News-Post.
Court documents don’t identify the female acquaintance, who repeatedly denied involvement.
Police say she is still at large.

On September 5, two police officers were called to a home near Hillcrest to speak to a female high school student about the alleged assault, according to court documents.
The girl told the officers that she was grabbed from behind by the hair as she was walking home after midnight on September 2.
According to the documents, the girl recognized two young boys from her class – Gonzalez-Guttierres and Chicas-Hernandez.
A third male suspect was with the other two.

They allegedly slapped the girl. One of them is alleged to have pulled a knife and cut the girl’s chest.
Authorities say the three men took the girl’s cellphone and dragged her to a nearby car.

They then told the girl that they were acting on orders from a younger female acquaintance.
The three men forced a rag into the girl’s mouth and drove her to an apartment in the city, according to court papers.

Police allege that Gonzalez-Guttierres and Chicas-Hernandez took turns raping the girl over the course of a few hours.
The third suspect had his face covered and was not identifiable to the girl, she told police. She also did not recognize his voice.
He is alleged to have recorded the crime on his cellphone.

‘The third, unidentified man mentioned in the charging documents has not been charged. … As the investigation continues, however, we do anticipate there being additional charges in this case,’ said Lt. Clark Pennington, commander of the police department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

After the alleged rape, the three drove the girl back to where she was first abducted.
She was warned that if she notified the police, ‘next time it will be worse.’
Despite the threats, the girl came forward and spoke to police.

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