Firefighters battled a raging inferno at a chicken farm in Marion County, Illinois.

At least 20 fire departments worked on putting out the blaze.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the fire at Farina Farms Inc. Poultry Farm resulted in the death of millions of chickens.


FOX 2 reports:

The smoke was so heavy in the sky that it was picked up on FOX 2’s Power Doppler, reaching between 13,000 and 15,000 feet. It could also be seen from miles away.

Marion County Sheriff Kevin Cripps said there wasn’t any determination of what may have caused the fire yet.

“The fire began around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Farina Farms along Highway 37. Marion County Sheriff Kevin Cripps described the fire as ‘humongous’ and said multiple buildings spanning 200-300 yards long were on fire,” KSDK reports.

The massive fire is the latest deterrent to the nation’s food supply.

Farmers had to kill approximately 4.2 million chickens after bird flu was detected at a large egg farm in Sioux County, Iowa.

Over 4 Million Chickens To Be Slaughtered After Bird Flu Detected At Egg Farm


Cripps said the buildings contained well over 1 million chickens.

The smoke flume could be seen throughout southern Illinois. It even showed up on the Doppler radar, Cripps said.

"As everyone probably knows, the chicken farm is on fire," the neighboring city of Kinmundy said in a Facebook post, adding that firefighters were trucking in water from both Farina and Kinmundy and asking for residents to conserve water.

The Beckemeyer Volunteer Fire Department hauled just under 30,000 gallons of water almost 45 miles from its station to the fire, Chief Luke Baker said. The department was just one of 20 to 30 tankers hauling water to the scene.

"You can imagine the amount of water and manpower that was being used," Baker said. "... Requests like this are made by MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) to bring resources in from different areas so as not to deplete a whole county's fire departments in one place. All in all, it was a massive effort by these first responders to being it under control."

No injuries were reported.


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