Illinois state senators are pushing a new plan that would force public schools in the state to indoctrinate students with the LGBT agenda by requiring a unit on the “role and societal contributions of gays, lesbians, and other LGBT individuals.”

In other words, students would be forced to learn gay history, focusing on the sexual identity of the individual rather than strictly on their accomplishments and contributions to society.

Chicago-Sun Times is reporting:

The Senate Education committee endorsed the measure 8-2 Tuesday. If enacted, Illinois would become just the second state to approve an LGBT inclusive curriculum.

“People learn about Jane Addams, for example, but don’t know she’s a lesbian,” said Brian Johnson, CEO of the LGBT organization Equality Illinois. “We don’t think there is true justice for the LGBT community unless we can learn about our history.”

The proposal requires all elementary and high schools to teach a unit studying “the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State.”

“People need to see their history to understand that they are a part of our society,” said Sen. Heather Steans, the measure’s sponsor.

The measure would also have schools use more inclusive and “non-discriminatory” textbooks going forward.

Johnson said the measure is consistent with current law, which requires students learn the contributions of other under-represented groups, including African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans.

School boards would determine how much instructional time is spent on the subject. But the curriculum must reinforce that all people, no matter their sexual orientation, “have a right to be treated with civil, legal and human rights.”

Clearly this yet another attempt by radical leftists to normalize homosexual behavior and undermine the authority of parents who may want to pass traditional family values to their children.

It’s perfectly acceptable to talk about the contributions people have made to society, but if their main claim to fame is that they’re homosexual, isn’t that sort of devaluing that person? Seems like that would be the opposite of what they’d want to do.

The bottom line is that nothing like this should be required for students. If the school wants to offer it as an elective course or something of that nature, that’s fine.

Older students should be given the opportunity to hear the truth about why many groups are opposed to the homosexual lifestyle in order to make sure the information they receive is truly impartial and objective.

In reality, this is an issue that should be left for discussion at home, not in the classroom.

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