At Monday’s White House press briefing, Fox News’ senior White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked press secretary Jen Psaki why the Biden regime maintains that people must wear masks on airplanes, while they are allowed to sit together in the White House briefing room – a room that does not have filtered air like the cabin of an airplane – without being masked. In her typical form, Psaki avoided the question by talking around it.

“Why is it that we can sit here in the White House briefing room with no masks, but people can’t sit in an airplane cabin with no masks?” asked Doocy.

“Well Peter, I’m not a doctor,” responded Psaki. “You’re not a doctor.”

She then continued, without addressing the actual question, saying, “These determinations, the masking guidance, is green, yellow and red. We are currently in a green zone in Washington, D.C., so they’re not recommending it. Some people can still wear a mask if they want to, people do, or wear them in meetings or wear them at certain times when you’re going to be around or sitting close to people or maybe you have an immunocompromised parent or friend so you can make that decision.”

Psaki’s response is reminiscent of Kentaji Brown Jackson’s “I’m not a biologist” statement that she tried using to avoid answering a question.


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