Some Muslim migrants are not assimilating to America and not honoring the laws because they believe in Sharia law. The horrific case below shows just how much American laws are ignored:

“I’m not scared of your American Laws.” – Brother of Targeted Woman

A Muslim migrant family from Arizona attempted to kidnap and even kill a pregnant relative for dating a non-muslim.

Five family members are accused of punching the pregnant daughter in the stomach.

ABC reports that in Peoria, Arizona, police announced the arrests of Ali Alfartousi, 33, Bashir Alfartousi, 36, Fares Alfartousi, 63, Souad Alfartousi, 59, Yaser Alfartousi, 35, and Zahraa Alfartousi, 31.

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According to police, the woman, her boyfriend, and the man’s family filed close to two dozen police reports alleging aggravated assault, kidnapping, and harassment by the family members. Her own brother Bashir Alfartousi went to jail last March for trying to kidnap her. According to police reports, she stated that her brother had successfully kidnapped her and had planned to bring her back to her family, where she would have likely been killed. The attempts to kidnap and harm the woman didn’t end there. In mid-August, the relatives forced the woman into a car and started punching her in the stomach.  Witnesses helped the woman escape from the kidnappers who were assaulting the woman.

Fox 10 reports that in late August, the victim’s parents and siblings were arrested.

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This was all due to the disapproval of the 20-year-old womans’ non-Muslim boyfriend. Honor killings of women who have “dishonored” their families are accepted in the Middle East. This woman is lucky to be in America where she is protected from this barbaric practice.

Ali Alfartousi was arrested for kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery, and threats. Bashir Alfartousi was arrested for kidnapping (domestic violence). Fares Alfartousi was arrested for kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery, and disorderly conduct. Souad Alfartousi was arrested for kidnapping (domestic violence), and aggravated robbery. Yaser Alfartousi was arrested for kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery, and disorderly conduct (domestic violence). Zahraa Alfartousi was arrested for kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated battery, threats, and disorderly conduct.




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