One of the things that Joe Biden made clear during his campaign was that he would open America’s borders to thousands upon thousands of illegal alien intruders and will have YOU pay for them. Yes, when people show up illegally, you pay for them…Social Security, Medicare, social services, Education.  You name it; you’ll be paying for it. What’s worse is the cost will also be in American lives because Biden lets illegal criminals back into the country. Also, illegals without COVID vaccines are being let into America.

Immigration expert and former Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller does a fantastic job of dismantling the Biden argument for open borders. During President Trump’s campaign in 2016, Miller articulated so well why open borders are not good for America. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have pushed for open borders just like Biden. It’s the Democrat elitist policy that cares nothing for the American worker who loses a job every time the illegal is hired. Biden has said in the past that illegal immigration is “a gift” to America. It might be a gift of cheap labor to businesses, but it’s a job destroyer for the American worker.

With 17 million Americans out of work, Biden’s plan really is “madness”…

According to Breitbart News, the plan would:

-Put nearly all illegal aliens in the U.S. on an eight-year path to citizenship
-Provide $4 billion in foreign aid to Central America
-Expand the U.S. labor market with more foreign visa workers
-Expedite green cards for foreign relatives, otherwise known as “chain migration”
-Potentially add 52 million foreign-born residents to the U.S. population
-Eliminate per-country caps, ensuring India monopolizes employment green cards
-Increase the Diversity Visa Lottery program where visas are given out randomly
-Provide green cards to foreign students who graduate in advanced STEM fields
-Bring already deported illegal aliens back to the U.S. to provide them amnesty

Miller sounds the alarm on the Biden policy below:


Joe Biden has a history of being for open borders after around 2006 (see below).

He’s promoted illegal immigration and even said illegals are more American than legal Americans (see below).

So it was more of the same from Biden during an interview with Jorge Ramos.

Biden said he feels like illegal immigration is “a gift” to the US.

No, it’s a gift to Democrats and the Crooked Chamber of Commerce.

And Joe Biden was the “moderate” candidate? He said he wants to end all immigration detention! He’s just another pandering politician looking for votes:

Biden has become an open borders guy since about 2006:


Biden 2006: No Amnesty, Learn to Speak English vs. Biden 2019: “I Respect No Borders”

Last November, during a campaign appearance in South Carolina, Biden said: Illegal Children “become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans.”

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would end all illegal immigration detention “across the board” during the VICE News Brown & Black Democrat Presidential Forum.

Well, Joe Biden won the illegal alien vote with the comment below:

Biden was taking questions in Rockville, South Carolina, when a woman asked him to justify holding migrants and expanding detention facilities if those facilities could not ensure their safety.

The woman also asked Biden what he would do to help reunite separated families…A loaded question that prompted the former VP to bring on the drama with this answer:

“Close them down. By the way, we don’t need them. We found that when we were in office…if you would say you have to report back for a hearing on such-and-such date,’ people show up. You don’t have to keep kids in a cage. There should be no justification for separating a parent from a child.”

He continues saying that illegal children “become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans”…HUH?

Biden clearly panders to illegals and the open borders crowd. He’s done it before by saying he doesn’t recognize borders:
Joe Biden is the gift that he keeps on giving to President Trump.

The gaffe master spoke about globalism and how great it is when he said, ” I respect no borders…and cannot be contained by any walls.”

Does he realize he just offended every man who defended our borders in World War II?

We believe Joe because he said in 2015 he wants an unrelenting stream of immigration:

In February of 2015, Joe Biden opened his mouth and spilled the beans, telling exactly what the Democrats have planned for Americans.

Please listen to what Biden said in 2015 and what Sue Payne revealed about Obama’s plan for a “New America.”

This plan puts Americans last and the third worlders they’ve been importing first. It’s a plan to redistribute wealth by importing poor migrants via immigration or refugee resettlement. The globalist agenda…

These initial “new Americans” are to be used as “seedlings” in the construction of a “country within a country.

Yes, Joe Biden wants an “unrelenting stream of immigration” that will make “Caucasians like me” the minority. And that’s a “good thing” (February 2015)

With his open border policy, Biden has failed in his #1 duty to protect Americans.

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