Jessica Vaughan is an immigration expert with the Center for Immigration Studies. She knows the ins and outs of everything related to the mass illegal immigration happening at our border right now. The detention centers are overcrowded, so the illegals are just being released (see below) into America. Vaughan names some of the key places these illegals are settling and warns of the huge impact it has on the school systems and the taxpayers of those communities.

She comments below on the impact of catching-and-releasing illegal families:

“It has a huge impact on schools where you have kids arriving throughout the year.

The federal gov’t doesn’t prevent this, so it falls on taxpayers in the communities where they settle.”

This comes as news of a new caravan from Central America is working its way to our southern border.

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Since Saturday, almost one thousand illegals have been dropped off by ICE at a Phoenix bus station. That’s not all…Thousands more have been dropped off at bus stations in El Paso and San Diego.

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The detention centers and churches have run out of room, so ICE is just letting illegals go. If this isn’t a national emergency, what is?

A church volunteer named Magdalena points out that some of the children will be sleeping in the street:

“Especially with the children, especially with children. We cannot see these children sleep in the street tonight.”

The office of Phoenix mayor Thelda Williams says the city does not have an obligation to shelter the illegals, so they sit on the street.

Buses keep coming, leaving illegals to “fend for themselves” according to Fox10 Phoenix.

More and more tax dollars are going to new and bigger shelters for these people:

Leaders in San Diego recently voted to open a new migrant shelter that will temporarily house people until their bus or plane leaves to take them to their sponsor families. Local volunteers want Phoenix officials to do something similar.

How is this NOT a crisis and a national emergency?

Here’s what Nancy Pelosi tweeted out – Note the awesome reply:

It’s an invasion just like Europe where they had over one million migrants who crossed into their land to forever change them.

We need the wall, but we need immigration reform or an executive order to stop all migration. We are being overrun by illegals.

Just this week it only took five minutes for over 400 illegals to be gathered at just one sector of the border:

Border Patrol agents encountered two different groups of Central Americans at the border today. Within minutes, over 400 illegals were taken into custody!

KFOX14 reports:

The first group of 194 showed up in the middle of the night near a high school in El Paso.

The second group of 252 people was found near downtown El Paso a few minutes later.

The El Paso Sector is averaging 570 apprehensions a day.

Here are just a few photos from the bus station where these people are dropped off by ICE:

Build the Wall…STAT!


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