Nothing says lunatic more than when someone puts a severed pig head somewhere to scare people…Especially in Texas! Antifa might need to up their game a little because a pig head has been done before. We’re not impressed but a little concerned with Antifa geeks and their lust for attention.

What next? These guys have no clue that there is a silent majority of Americans who are getting sick and tired of being poked.

Texas campaign offices received pig heads and a warning of “Revolutionary violence”:

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We love what Drew Foster had to say back to the Austin, Texas militants:

In Texas, this will not have the desired effect. It will only bring about more opportunities to make real pork tamales. People of almost all political persuasions love tamales. Try again. – Drew Foster

These people are left of the left…Commies who want chaos. Check out their twitter feed and you’ll see where they’re coming from. Bottom line is they HATE America. What more do you need to know?

If you’re on Twitter, please follow ‘Far Left Watch’ and ‘Gateway Pundit’. It’s a good idea to keep your thumb on what the crazy revolutionaries are doing.

In May, the group openly displayed their Communist Red Guard regalia and their hate for President Trump:

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