Dallas News is just like so many other publications…they try and hijack words to control the narrative. The use of the word “unauthorized” immigrant is a new one. It’s the height of ridiculousness in the word games these fools play to make ILLEGAL LAWBREAKING SCUMBAG sound nicer. It’s like when Obama changed the word illegal minors to “DREAMERS”. They can change the terms all they want but it doesn’t change the fact that these people broke the law when they crossed our border illegally.

You’ve gotta think that these two scumbags came via smuggler from Honduras to America. Honduras is about 950 miles south of Florida. The illegal trafficking business is a BIG business and it brings in people like these two…Ready to close the border yet? 

Two unauthorized immigrants from Honduras are accused of murdering a Dallas man during a party in Seagoville early Sunday morning.

Officers found the man, 20-year-old Luis Fernando Sanchez-Guillen, unconscious from an apparent stab wound when they responded to the 700 block of Jack Street, near U.S. Highway 175 and East Malloy Bridge Road, Seagoville police spokesman Steve Davis said.

Investigators determined that Sanchez-Guillen was at a party at the house in Seagoville when he got into an argument with brothers Carlos Francisco Fajardo-Torres, 18, and Christam Roberto Fajardo-Torres, 24, Davis said.

During the fight, Sanchez-Guillen was stabbed once in the neck before the brothers fled.

Seagoville police searching for the Fajardo-Torres brothers found them later that morning. They were booked into the Dallas County Jail on a charge of murder.

They’re being held in lieu of $200,000 bond. Immigration detainers have also been issued for the brothers.

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