If the plaintiff prevails in this lawsuit …expect a mass exodus by corporate owned businesses who stand alone in many of these violent neighborhoods.

No words…

Chicago is a violent shithole where black-on-black crime is as common as cockroaches in a tenement cupboard. There’s plenty of blame to go around for the dangerous conditions in the city, but the last culprit you’d think of is a convenience store. In February a black guy killed another black on the street and now the victim’s family is suing 7-Eleven over it. Sit back and try to take this one in. It’s a doozy.

On February 7 of this year, 32-year-old Marques Gaines was at a 7-Eleven in one of Chicago’s many shitty neighborhoods. In the video, he’s the guy in the blue shirt. He came out of the store and a black guy in a hoodie starts arguing with him. It looks like a 7-Eleven employee is trying to diffuse the situation.

The black guy goes after Gaines and knocks him out cold. Gaines falls in the street, just off of the sidewalk. Almost as soon as he hits the ground, several other black people rush over and start going through his pockets to steal his stuff. I’m assuming these thieves are part of the Chicago Black Lives Matter chapter.

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Some bystanders appear to be checking if Gaines is okay, but after a few moments they leave. Gaines is just laying in the street unconscious. Meanwhile, the 7-11 employee has called 911.

A minute or so goes by and a taxicab turns the corner and accidentally runs over Gaines. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. This is a senseless and avoidable tragedy, but who is being held responsible for it is downright offensive.

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The Chicago Tribune reports that Gaines’ family has filed a lawsuit against 7-Eleven:

At a Thursday morning news conference, Gaines’ family members and their attorneys spoke to reporters about details of a recently filed lawsuit, gathering outside the 7-Eleven where Gaines was fatally injured.

Attorney Chris Hurley said the 7-Eleven’s operator knew the area surrounding the store suffered from high street crime and should have had well-trained security that could have prevented the actions that led to Gaines’ death.

Remember, a 7-Eleven employee was trying to stop the hoodie guy from attacking Gaines, and then he called the police after the assault. How much security should a convenience store have to provide for a city whose streets literally run red with blood?

According to the attorney: lots. In fact, the family’s lawyer say not only should 7-Eleven police the area around their stores, but also that they shouldn’t even be open because they attract criminal activity:

“The simple reason we’re here is that a corporation that keeps its stores open 24 hours a day and invites the public in … that knows that it’s targeted by criminals needs to provide decent, competent, basic security, and that wasn’t done here,” said Hurley.

In addition to 7-Eleven, the family is also suing the company that operates that particular store, the taxicab company, and the cab driver. Gee, they left out the company that made the cab, the company that made the tires, and the contractor that paved the street.

You know who is responsible for Gaines’ death? The asshole that knocked him out, who BTW, police still haven’t caught. You could also place some of the blame on the other assholes that robbed Gaines as he lay in the street or the bystanders that left him there. The problem is, all of those scumbags don’t have deep pockets like 7-Eleven and the cab company.

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