Cliven Bundy is deeply religious, he’s quiet, unassuming and he’s an American hero.  It’s been years since anyone’s heard from the brave man who stood up to the federal government in 2014 and refused to cave to their unconstitutional demands of paying the federal government for grazing fees he was already paying his state.

Two years later, two of Bundy’s sons took part in a 41-day anti-government protest occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Conservative talk show host Pete Santilli, who reported on the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, was arrested and held in jail for one year for his part in embedding himself with the protesters at the wildlife refuge. At the time of his arrest, Santilli was also facing felony charges for his part in covering the Bundy ranch standoff with federal agents.

On January 8, 2018, after spending 2 years in jail, the case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was dismissed and the judge ordered him to be released.

Fox News reported about the federal judge’s decision to dismiss all charges against rancher Cliven Bundy and three others

U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro cited “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” in her decision to dismiss all charges against rancher Cliven Bundy, two of his sons, and another person.

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U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro on Dec. 20 declared a mistrial in the high-profile case. It was only the latest, stunning development in the saga of the Nevada rancher, and served as a repudiation of the federal government. Navarro accused prosecutors of willfully withholding evidence from Bundy’s lawyers, in violation of the federal Brady rule.

Navarro said it was clear the FBI was involved in the prosecution and it was not a coincidence that most of the evidence that was held back – which would have worked in Bundy’s favor – came from the FBI, AZCentral reported.

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Here is a look at the reaction by supporters of Bundy to his release:

On Sunday, Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up spoke with Cliven Bundy and conservative talk show host Pete Santilli. In addition to talking about the parallels Bundy sees today with Biden’s (Barack Obama’s?) overreaching government, Bundy and Santilli shared the details of their exciting new venture together.

Santilli, like many other independent journalists who still dare to bring Americans the truth, has been blackballed by woke corporations from advertising dollars. Instead of complaining about losing advertising dollars from companies who refuse to promote their products on conservative news sites, Santilli decided to create his own brand of “delicious” beef jerky. The name of Santilli’s company is Pistol Pete’s Beef Jerky. Watch Bundy and Santilli talk about the state of our nation and about how Bundy will soon be providing Santilli with his “wild beef” that Santilli will sell as part of his product line.

The incredibly brave Republican Kristina Karamo can be seen in the first 15 minutes of the interview, where she talks about her plan to defeat Michigan’s crooked Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. The Bundy/Santilli interview begins at about the 20-minute mark.

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