Another personal attack on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson happened tonight raising the question of whether the Antifa anarchists are planning more attacks on Carlson.

Antifa had previously harassed the Carlsons at their home last November and vandalized the home and car of the Fox News host. The Leftist Antifa mob shouted “racist scumbag leave town” and “we know where you sleep at night, we will fight.” The also yelled out, “No Borders, No Walls…No USA at all!”

Carlson’s wife was home at the time and had to hide in the house to call 911. Can you imagine?

The left is labeling Carlson as “alt-right” and has been trying to destroy him by harassment and by trying to get his advertisers to pull their ads on his nightly show.

Jack Posobiec tweeted out a comment and the photo of the poster. He believes this incites violence against Carlson. He’s correct, and it’s also the left’s effort to intimidate Carlson and others who are speaking out against them:

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Antifa group is plastering posters around DC targeting Tucker Carlson and posting his home address This is inciting violence

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It’s one thing to protest with posters but another to put the home address of your opponent out there for anyone to see. Carlson is a fighter, but this puts his family at risk.

Waiting for the Democrats to speak out against this tactic…

What do you think? Is it fair game to put the address of a public figure out there? Is this inciting violence?

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