Earl Granville lost part of his leg during his third deployment in Afghanistan but helped carry a woman across the finish line at the Boston Marathon…This dramatic finish was caught on video and has been viewed over 8 million times! An incredible moment!

Two wounded veterans embodied the fighting spirit of Patriots’ Day by finishing the Boston Marathon…

Former Army Staff Sgt. Earl Granville carried a woman across the Boston Marathon’s finish line (video below).
Granville lost his leg during his third deployment in Afghanistan in 2008.

He not only ran the marathon with his prosthetic leg but also assisted a fellow participant while brandishing an American flag:

“I just gotta say I got lucky and I’m grateful,” he said. “It’s guys like those … that I do this athletic events for – to show the world that we can fight this adversity.”

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After this injury, Granville competed in multiple marathons including Boston, New York, Chicago and Detroit all using a hand-bike. He said two friends – one who is double amputee – challenged him to run it this year.

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It wasn’t easy. Throughout the race, Granville’s leg kept cramping up and had to stop several times at medic tents.

After the fourth time, he figured out that the “only option is to keep walking or quit and I wasn’t going to quit.”

A video of Granville crossing the finish line has been viewed more than 8 million times since posted on Monday. The veteran said he is proud to be a reminder to people of what is good in our country.

“Four years ago, our nation came under attack from a terrorist threat,” he said. “Seeing the resilience in the city of Boston … we can learn to pick ourselves up and go through any tragedy.”

Jose Luis Sanchez, a Marine sergeant who lost a leg while deployed in Afghanistan, wielded the U.S. flag for all 26.2 miles:

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