A new ad from Republicans just hit, and it is gold. Using BLM/Antifa violence in the video with the sound from the movie ‘The Purge’ is brilliant. The movie is an apocalyptic view of lawlessness run-amok in America.

It’s getting very positive responses on social media and appears to be targeting younger voters who saw the move and understand the meaning behind it.

Some comments made the point that the clip is only 30 seconds of hundreds of hours of footage of violence from the anarchists and that “The GOP should be carpet-bombing any and all ad space with this kind of messaging for the next 3 months.”

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The GOP should keep those ads coming showing the lawlessness and destruction allowed in Democrat-run cities. The Portland Mayor just proudly announced he refused help from President Trump after 100 days of riots.

In fact, protesters have come for the mayor now. Yes, Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment building is now the site of a protest.

The chickens have come home to roost for Ted Wheeler…

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