The Democrat-run city of Chicago has turned into a war zone…

Last night, common criminals in Chicago organized a massive effort to steal merchandise (again) from stores along the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s swankiest shopping district.  Only days after George Floyd’s death, hundreds of looters took to the streets of Chicago to protest by stealing massive amounts of merchandise from stores in and around the city of Chicago.

In response to last night’s massive looting, the city of Chicago raised the bridges leading out of the city, essentially trapping the criminals inside, as State Police officers checked IDs for every person attempting to exit the Democrat-run city. The incredible image below shows the raised bridges with city dump trucks parked in front. The image of the raised drawbridges looks like something you’d see in a socialist nation like Venezuala—is this the America AOC and “The Squad” are working with Nancy Pelosi and friends to create?

A video posted by independent reporter Drew Hernandez from last night, showed how the rioters were able to access stores by using a luxury vehicle (likely stolen) to drive repeatedly into a storefront window, allowing looters easy access to their high-end merchandise. Looters can be seen cheering while the vehicle drives into the window.

Another independent journalist, Andy Ngo, shared an incredible video of looters running wild inside the Water Tower Mall in the Magnificent Mile shopping district.

This not-so-smart woman filmed herself committing a crime, as she ran through a store shouting, “I can’t breathe!” with a mask over her face. In the video, the frustrated woman can be seen desperately looking for scissors to cut the wires on luxury Canada Goose down jackets from their racks in the store. The designer Canada Goose jackets typically retail at over $1,000 per jacket.

Dinesh D’Souza nailed it with his comment on Twitter, where he mocked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who appeared to be condoning theft by George Floyd protesters criminals when she commented about the need for Americans to shoplift in the age of COVID.

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