Wow! Just listen to Mexico’s Foreign Minister demand that we have open borders or we’re a bunch of racists. But just try to cross into Mexico illegally and see what happens…you’d go to jail! You can be sure that Mexico’s borders are closed so why should America be open to illegals from all over the globe? Yes, our southern border has become a global magnet for just about anyone to cross over. The kicker is that once they cross they are provided with entitlements that should go to tax paying LEGAL Americans. This is infuriating! 

President Pèna-Nieto of Mexico, echoed his disingenuous predecessor Philipe Calderon when he came into office, saying he thinks Americans who aren’t fully supportive of illegal immigration from Mexico are racists and are discriminating against Mexicans and other migrants. It’s what Barack Obama wants him to say and nothing has changed as we heard from Mexico’s foreign minister this week.

The open borders mantra is meant to be permanent and it is a one-way system. Mexico in particular is guilty of erasing our borders under the guise of tolerance but it only goes in one direction. Don’t try to go illegally into Mexico and demand entitlements. You will land in a dungeon.

We, however, are not allowed to have borders or immigration laws that we abide by.

All Americans should be infuriated, including the bleeding hearts. Especially the bleeding hearts – they are being exploited because they care.

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Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu said in a Monday speech to the leftist Migration Policy Institute, with the most unmitigated gall, said that the US is experiencing an influx of all sorts of migrants but we are struggling “to understand the diversity complexity that comes with each flow of newcomers. You will immediately be thinking of Europe but the Americans experiencing this reality for decades now. This condition unfortunately has been met with an irresponsible and dangerous narrative of xenophobia and exclusion that wrongly portrays immigrants as security concerns.”

WE’RE IRRESPONSIBLE? We are supposed to believe that terrorists and drug cartels are not entering the country?

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She continued. “It is our obligation to stand up to this trend and think of proactive policy solutions rather than hatred and resorting to rash statements. These narratives are simply unsustainable and these narratives sell due to misinformation about the impacts of migration. It is easier to be focused on costs…”

Since she doesn’t have to pay for it, what does she care?

She then went on to explain how cost effective immigration – including illegal immigration – is for the average American, leaving out the reality of entitlements and lost jobs for citizens.

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