Tom Brokaw, before he went Woke (or perhaps just before he went fully public about being Woke), used to do a segment on his show called “The Fleecing of America”.

Do you remember it?

It used to look something like this:

I remember that being on the TV all the time when we were at my Grandparents house and as a kid I was always confused what that even meant!

Now I get it.

But I still remember it all these years later.

And we’re still being fleeced all these years later — only much worse than decades ago.

Here’s the latest….

You’ve all heard about things like the $1,000 toilet seats or other nonsense like that that the Government pays for.

This might be the worst one I have ever seen….

A small bag of ordinary bushings….nothing special about them, not special materials or custom size or anything like that, probably something you could get at Lowes for $20 or less….purchased by the Air Force for $90,000!

Folks, this is insane!

This NEVER should have happened, but even worse now when we’re flat broke!

Here’s what Grok had to say:

The US Air Force’s purchase of a bag of bushings for $90,000 has sparked significant outrage and raised many questions. Representative Waltz brought attention to this issue during a congressional hearing with Air Force Secretary Kendall. When asked about the cost of the bushings, Secretary Kendall admitted he did not know, to which Representative Waltz revealed that the Air Force paid $90,000 for them. This amount is considered excessively high compared to the typical cost of such items, which would normally be well under $100.

The incident has raised concerns about government spending and potential corruption. Several individuals and organizations have expressed their dismay and called for accountability. There’s a general consensus that the exorbitant cost for these bushings is indicative of broader issues within the procurement process and the need for more stringent oversight.

This situation has also led to discussions about the national debt and how taxpayer money is being used. Many are critical of the government’s ability to manage spending effectively, especially in the context of such a large national debt.

It’s important to note that this incident has brought attention to the broader issue of government procurement and spending. The Air Force’s purchase of the bushings has become a symbol of perceived waste and inefficiency, and it’s likely to prompt further scrutiny and calls for reform.

Backup video here:

The Air Force general didn’t even know how much they spent….nor did he look bothered when he heard about $90,000:

Folks, here’s my take…

This is not “incompetence”.

This is so blatant and so obscene this is called MONEY LAUNDERING and CRONEY CAPITALISM!

This is how you shuffle huge amounts of money to the people who are scratching your back.

And who pays?

You and me.

It’s April 17th today….two days ago was Tax Day.

Hope you sent in your money because the Government really needs it to pay for $90,000 bags of bushings.

Not to mention all the money we MUST funnel over to Ukraine!

Sure hope you mailed in your check!

[extreme sarcasm alert]

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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