This is absolute insanity….

The new “Border Bill” is officially called the “National Security Supplemental Package” and it’s an absolute disgrace.  Almost laughably so, if this weren’t such a serious topic.

The Bill provides for tens of billions to many other countries, meanwhile it leaves our Border wide open!  And even sets quotas for how many illegals will come through each day!  Pure madness!

It’s $118+ Billion of absolute insanity:

Thirty years ago, we called Bills like this “Pork”.  Because it was extra fat added into the Bill designed to benefit a certain Member of Congress’ home state or special interest.

Tom Brokaw would do a special segment called “The Fleecing of America” and he’d cover the Pork.

But you know what?

At least back then the Pork was going to States and Interests within America!

Not that it was good, but at least it was staying here and stimulating various parts of AMERICA!

Now we can’t even call it “Pork” anymore because it all goes to foreign countries!  I guess we can call it Foreign Pork!  Kind of like those wild hogs… It used to be fattened pigs in pens that looked like Porky Pig, but at least they were fat and lovable and stayed in America.  Now it’s wild, untamed boars from foreign countries!

The details are staggering:

🚨 #BREAKINGNEWS New Bipartisan Legislation for Security is out.

The $118.28 billion national security supplemental package includes:

– 60.06 billion to support Ukraine as it fights back against Putin’s bloody invasion and protects its people and sovereignty.

– 14.1 billion in security assistance for Israel.

-2.44 billion to support operations in the U.S. Central Command and address combat expenditures related to conflict in the Red Sea.

– 10 billion in humanitarian assistance to provide food, water, shelter, medical care, and other essential services to civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, Ukraine, and other populations caught in conflict zones across the globe.

– 4.83 billion to support key regional partners in the Indo-Pacific and deter aggression by the Chinese government.

– 2.33 billion to continue support for Ukrainians displaced by Putin’s war of aggression and other refugees fleeing persecution.

– 20.23 billion to address existing operational needs and expand capabilities at our nation’s borders, resource the new border policies included in the package, and help stop the flow of fentanyl and other narcotics.

– The Fentanyl Eradication and Narcotics Deterrence (FEND) Off Fentanyl Act. 🚨

Ok, so ANOTHER $60 Billion to Ukraine….how many Hundreds of billions are we at now?  Or is it now into the Trillions?  And no audit.  No trail.  No accountability of any kind.

$14.1 billion for Israel.

I wonder if the lady who kept emailing me telling me we MUST defend Israel so we MUST send them $10 billion will comment on this?  As I expected, it didn’t stop at $10 billion, now it’s $14.1 billion!  You ok with $14.1 billion?  I asked her in our email correspondence where she draws the line….she says we must send them $10 Billion so I asked how about $20B?  $50B?  $500B?  She told me that was “ridiculous” but she never could tell me where her line is.  Seemingly somewhere above $10B and less than $500B…

Spoiler alert: we don’t have ANY money to give away, we’re broke!  Dead broke!

Want to know where my line is?


ZERO billions!

ZERO dollars period!

All taxpayer dollars should stay in America, 100%.

Screw Ukraine.

And Israel will be fine on their own.

I’ve written this before but it seems I need to mention it again: we need some Biblical literacy right now, so I’ll give a lesson.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say America must keep and defend Israel.  You know what it does say?  It says Israel is Yahweh’s portion and He will keep and defend Israel.  He does not need America to do it.

  • Deuteronomy 32:8-9 (NIV): “When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind, he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel. For the Lord’s portion is his people, Jacob his allotted inheritance.”
  • Psalm 121:4:  “Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”

But let’s not stop at Ukraine and Israel….no that would be silly!  Let’s send another $4.3 billion to unnamed regions in the Indo-Pacific!

What utter nonsense!

Here is more on the Bill:

The “National Security Supplemental Package” was recently released by U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. This package is a comprehensive funding proposal aimed at addressing various national and international security concerns.

The package, totaling $118.28 billion, includes substantial financial support for Ukraine, with $60.06 billion allocated to assist the country in its conflict against Russia’s invasion. It also earmarks $14.1 billion for security assistance to Israel and funds to support operations in the U.S. Central Command, combat expenditures related to the Red Sea conflict, and humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and other conflict zones globally.

Moreover, the package intends to support key regional partners in the Indo-Pacific to deter aggression from the Chinese government and to continue supporting Ukrainians and other refugees displaced by conflict. It includes a bipartisan agreement on border policy changes and provides resources to address operational needs at U.S. borders, including measures to stop the flow of fentanyl and other narcotics, as well as funding for the Fentanyl Eradication and Narcotics Deterrence (FEND) Off Fentanyl Act.

Additionally, there’s a provision for $400 million to aid nonprofits and places of worship in making security enhancements.

This package has been part of bipartisan negotiations and is seen as a critical step to strengthen U.S. national security both abroad and at the nation’s borders. It’s been urged that Congress act swiftly to pass this deal so that the President can sign it into law. The proposal is particularly significant as it comes amidst the backdrop of international conflicts and domestic concerns over border security and drug trafficking​​​​​​.

Which nation will it be securing?

Certainly not the United States!

A summary of the package is available HERE.

Text of the legislation is available HERE.

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