GET OVER YOURSELF! MOOCH PLAYS THE RACE CARD AGAIN…This woman loves to stir it up and fabricate things because it does exactly what she wants. It further divides us as a nation. Why else would she (a lawyer) not know that in both highly charged police abuse cases in Ferguson and Baltimore, racism was not the cause of death for either of the criminals who died.

Sooo….instead of standing up to Mooch’s claims that all Whites are racists and that clearly we, as a nation have made no progress in race relations since the 1950’s, the CBS hosts choose to applaud her courage and ability to speak the “truth.”

Perhaps they missed the memo, but our so-called “First Black President” (who could have just as easily called himself white) and his racist wife have spent the last 6 years living in our White House and occupying the most important job in our nation.

But…you know, it’s not about reality for these people, it’s about stirring the pot and dividing the nation, and the mainstream media is more than happy to help them accomplish that goal. They don’t even have the common sense to know they’re being called racists right along with the rest of the majority of Americans who seem to be okay with Barack and Mooch’s ignorant labels.

CBS host Norah O’Donnell closes her segment by saying:”That is a speech worth reading from beginning to end. Everyone should take a look at that.”


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