On Monday, a man tried to kidnap a barista in Auburn, Washington by pulling her through the drive-through window. The scary incident was captured on security footage which was released by the Auburn Police Department.

The barista who was the target of the kidnapping reported that the driver pulled up and paid for his order. He asked for change for a $5 bill, and when she reached out to hand him the five $1s he grabbed her arm and tried to yank her out of the window. He also held out what appeared to be a zip tie.

After a brief struggle, the barista broke free and the driver gave up and sped away.

In the surveillance footage video, the police pointed out that the driver had a “unique tattoo” that seems to say “Chevrolet” on his left forearm. They released the footage and information in hopes of quickly apprehending the suspect.

Auburn Police Department spokesperson Colby Crossley commented on the attempted kidnapping, saying, “By the video you can tell he put some thought into this plan that he was conducting, y’know, obviously he had the zip tie, he grabbed the arm. So it’s very concerning, it’s very alarming, and it’s something that we’re trying to figure out quick so we can get this guy into custody so he’s not a threat to the community.”

The following day, the Auburn Police announced that they had arrested a suspect at his home in the same city, issuing a public ‘thank you’ to the people who called in “numerous” tips that led them to the suspect.

Crossley reported, “Multiple people called in saying they knew the person and were able to give a name… Obviously, we had such great evidence.”

The attempted kidnapping reportedly occurred at a coffee drive-thru called Beankini Espresso where baristas wear lingerie and bikinis.

On Wednesday, the barista, who remains anonymous, spoke to Insider and described the extensive safety measures the bar has in place for its employees.

“There is nothing more we should have done or could have done to prevent this,” said the barista. “We have mace, tasers, silent panic buttons, we have metal doors – extra precautions for if someone were to try to kick a door in.”

The attempted-kidnapping suspect has not been publicly identified at this time.

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