Inside Biden’s Basement organization launches a new site and database with information on a number of unethical officials in the Biden Administration

Joe Biden’s administration has often claimed to be a paragon of transparency and good ethics. This is, of course, not true.

Screengrab of the interactive interface from Inside Biden’s Basement

A new website by an organization called “Inside Biden’s Basement” has launched with a searchable database and an interactive interface for the express purpose of shining light on the Biden Administration’s dirty laundry.

From Fox News:

“Since Joe Biden took office less than a year-and-a-half ago, the American people have faced one crisis after another,” Inside Biden’s Basement Communications Director Derrick Hollie told Fox News Digital. “Record gas prices are met with callous disregard and the advice to buy a Tesla.”

“The President’s statements are constantly being ‘walked back,’ leading many to wonder who’s actually in charge?” Hollie continued. “Well, Inside Biden’s Basement is now available to expose the officials responsible for driving America into a ditch.”

“Bookmark our site and visit it often as we come out with new analysis and hard-to-obtain public records bringing transparency to a dark time in American history,”

Hollie is a former Trump Department of Transportation official.

The website contains several humorous site-gags in the interactive section, which lead to information about the number of unethical dealings and officials within the Biden Administration. One such count is Anita Dunn’s continuous cycling in and out of the White House as a Biden administration advisor without filing a financial disclosure form.

Similarly, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has a vested financial interest in electric vehicles, which she also promotes in her official capacity and which is documented on the site.

The Biden Administration has a myriad of unethical contradictions such as those, and ethics is, according to Obama-era ethics chief Walter Shaub, not one of the “top 999 things [Biden] cares about.”

By visiting the website, one has access to over 1,000 records on Biden administration officials, appointees, and the lobbyists to whom they are beholden.

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