On March 9, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte issued a mandatory lockdown for 60 million people over the quickly spreading coronavirus. Citizens in Italy will continue to isolate themselves from the general population for at least another month.

Italy is at the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak that is spreading rapidly across Europe, threatening both public health and the economy.

As of Friday, authorities had recorded at least 17,660 cases and 1,266 deaths, the most for any country outside China, where the virus first emerged.

Residents living in an apartment complex in Sicily have figured out a way, through music, to bring citizens together, in spite of being separated by a mandatory lockdown. The inspiring video below was taken by someone at the apartment complex and has already been viewed almost 2 million times.


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As the coronavirus begins to spread across every state in America, this video is a great reminder of how a positive attitude can get you through a difficult situation.

On Thursday night, Italian journalist David Allegranti shared another incredible video showing one man singing from his window. Slowly, others begin to join in, singing from their windows, while a dog barks in the background. The video was taken in Siena, a city in Italy’s Tuscany region.

Americans can use the opportunity of being isolated to connect with family members or to help an elderly neighbor who may not be able to get out to get essentials like food or medicine.

Jason Howerton, a writer for The Blaze, tweeted a message on Thursday, asking for elderly people in the Dallas Fort Worth area who might be “scared and in need of groceries or supplies” to send him a direct message on Twitter. He also asked any of his young, healthy friends to respond if they’d like to form a “coalition to serve our community?” To date, Howerton has received almost 22,000 replies.

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