The U.S. Coast Guard released a stunning video showing members of the Coast Guard jumping on top of a fast-moving submarine in the eastern Pacific ocean filled with cocaine, marijuana, and drug smugglers.

As Democrat lawmakers fight to cut funding for the brave men and women who protect our nation from drug smugglers and other criminals, this video serves as an important reminder of how they risk their lives to keep us safe.

The Hill reports – The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Munro had been undertaking a months-long effort to nab so-called narco-subs, or self-propelled vessels that are often used in international waters by cartels and drug traffickers.

The Coast Guard released video of the June 18 bust of an undefined submarine at the surface of the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

A crew member can be heard calling out orders to stop the submarine in Spanish before warning a colleague that “it will be hard to get on.”

A member is then seen leaping onto the top of the moving submarine before pounding on the hatch.

A suspect emerges from the top of the vessel with their hands up at the end of the minute-long clip. Five other suspected smugglers were also found inside.

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted about the bust of the drug smugglers, thanking the U.S. Coast Guard for their brave service:

Thank you to the brave men and women aboard the Cutter Munro for keeping watch & keeping America safe! Today’s offload totals more than 39k pounds of cocaine and 993 pounds of marijuana and will lead to the prosecution of 55 alleged smugglers.

The Coast Guard told NBC News that the 17,000 pounds of cocaine found inside the vehicle had an estimated street value of $232 million.

The bust was part of a larger mission that included 14 other drug-smuggling interceptions along the coasts of Mexico, Central, and South America, according to a press release.

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