Buh-bye Bobby…

Trump-hating publication, the Huffington Post, is reporting that leftist actor Robert DeNiro doesn’t just hate President Trump, he’s now projecting his hate on his followers. With Trump’s newest popularity poll at +51%, it almost seems like a bad career move for DeNiro to attack over 50% of the people who will probably never watch another one of his movies. During his interview, the very arrogant Robert DeNiro mentioned that he’s not interested in trying to understand another person’s point of view. DeNiro’s statement is a glaring example of a liberals intolerance for anyone who doesn’t think like them. The attacks by the left on Kanye West, for refusing to think like the Democrat plantation masters have instructed him to think, are a perfect example of how liberals shame others for not thinking exactly like them.

IndieWire asked the two-time Oscar winner about the success of the “Roseanne” reboot, in which the title character is a Trump supporter, as comedian Roseanne Barr is in real life.

“I’ve never seen her show before, I didn’t know she was supporting Trump, but I have no interest in that,” De Niro told the website. “We’re at a point with all of us this where it’s beyond trying to see another person’s point of view. There are ways you can talk about that, but we’re at a point where the things that are happening in our country are so bad and it comes from Trump.”

Given those problems, De Niro’s in no mood to reach out.

“I don’t care about Roseanne,” he concluded. “They want that thing, fine. We have real issues in this country.”

De Niro’s comments should come as no surprise, given what he’s said about Trump in the past. Earlier this year, De Niro dismissed the president as a “fucking idiot” and a “fucking fool,” then hit him with a new nickname: “jerk-off-in-chief.” He also said Trump had “sullied the presidency,” called America under Trump “a tragic dumbass comedy” and raged about the “bullshit” cuts to arts programs that were proposed in the president’s budget.


Those darn, narrow-minded conservatives will remember your “resistance” to our President and to our opinons when it comes to buying tickets, Bobby.


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