Like a pack of hyenas, they lie in wait for their victims.

Anyone who doesn’t look like them or think like them is fair game.

Last night, the intolerant and violent members of the Democrat Party endorsed, Black Lives Matter mob, surrounded, taunted, and threatened innocent people as they filed out of the White House grounds out on the final night of the RNC convention.

Brandon shared a video of the vile encounter on Twitter. Straka was shocked by the behavior of the intolerant mob, saying, “I haven’t endured an anti-gay attack like this in probably 10 years.

#BlackLivesMatter activists physically assault me & Mike Harlow on our way into our hotel, calling us faggots & threatening us.

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The one girl comes back & knocks my friend’s phone out of her hand. #BLM= violence

He also tweeted: What happened to us last night is literally the inverted version of the story Jussie Smollett lied about. White gay men walking home at night attacked &called “faggot” by violent black radical leftists shouting “You’re Trump supporters- **** you!”

Straka challenged the media to cover the attack: Let’s see if the media covers it

The agenda of the Democrat Party endorsed, Marxist BLM mob is clear, make Americans fearful, keep them on edge until the election. And don’t, under any circumstances, let up until the election is over.

Here’s the powerful video of Brandon Straka that started the wildly successful #WalkAway campaign over two years ago.


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