Kaitlin Bennett is a young conservative who is fantastic at exposing the ignorance of college students by interviewing them on issues like abortion and gun control. She tried to make a peaceful appearance at Ohio University but was attacked:

Violent Democrats at Ohio University surrounded and attacked ‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett while she was peacefully interviewing students.

They threw drinks, objects, and harassed her to the point that she had to leave campus for her safety.

Comments on social media are horrifying and expose the absolute brainwashing that has taken hold of these students. They don’t want discussion or debate. They just want to attack.

The video below is of the brainwashed students becoming violent and hateful.

Does she deserve this violence? According to this “woke” young woman, it’s ok to bully if it’s a conservative. Double standards define the left.

Apparently, promoting violence on Twitter is only acceptable if you’re a leftist.



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