For several days, Iranian born American, Saghar Erica Kasraie, has been exposing the truth on social media about thousands of anti-Iranian regime protesters who’ve been filling the streets of Tehran and other major cities across Iran, in their fight for their God-given human rights.

On Saturday, Ms. Kasraie delivered a powerful recorded message to President Trump on Twitter that immediately went viral. The anti-Trump media, for their part, refused to air her message, as it didn’t fit their pro-Ayatollah narrative.

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In a video shared by Kasraie, the streets of Tehran are packed with thousands of protesters chanting, “We don’t want an Islamic regime!”

Massive crowds of courageous anti-Iranian regime protesters chant, “Don’t be scared” and “We’re all in this together!”

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Meanwhile, while thousands of brave human rights protesters fill the streets of Iran, our anti-Trump media, that is so anxious to pin a potential war on our President as a way to harm his chances of re-election, are openly mourning the death of Iran’s number one terrorist, Qassem Soleimani.

Democrat Party leaders, like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA),  who like to think of themselves as champions of human rights, refuse to acknowledge the Iranian protester’s desperate attempt to remove the leaders the radical Islamic regime.

This Sunday, ABC’s “This Week” host, George Stephanopoulos asked Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi“Do you support the protesters, and would it be a good thing if they brought the regime down?” Pelosi shamelessly replied, “Well, the protesters are—are protesting, as I understand it —this brand of protesters, about the fact that that plane went down…and many students, uh, were on that plane and these are largely students in the street. I think the Iranians should have not had commercial flights going off when there was…”

Stephanopoulos interrupted Pelosi: “They’re calling out the regime for lying. They’re saying ‘Death to Khamenei as well.’”

Nancy responded: “No. Well, whatever it is, but the fact is this there were protesters in the streets before against the regime. After the taking out of Soleimani, there were protesters in the street joined together, as you know, against us.  That wasn’t good. Taking down this plane was a terrible, terrible tragedy, and they should be held accountable for letting commercial flights go at a time that was so, so dangerous.”

Shameless hack politician, Nancy Pelosi, didn’t disappoint with her final response. She made it crystal clear that the Democrat leadership is not willing to throw their support behind the protesters fighting for human rights: “But there are different reasons that there are people in the streets,” Pelosi explained, with no factual evidence to back up her claim.

American Mike Doran has also done a brilliant job of keeping the world informed of the activities by Iranian regime protesters taking place on the streets and on college campuses in Iran. In his second video (below), Doran points out that the Iran regime is in real trouble, as the anti-regime movement continues to grow.

Donald Trump Jr. did his part to help the world see the truth behind the iron curtain in Iran, as he shared one of Saghar Erica Kasraie’s powerful videos that showed a protester climbing to the top of a large banner depicting the face of Soleimani. The protester can be seen kicking the face of Iran’s now dead general until the poster is no longer attached to the pole. As the face of Soleimani comes crashing down to the street, mobs of protesters can be heard cheering and screaming.

Protesters make it clear how they feel about their oppressive Ayatollah Khamenei in the video below where they repeatedly walk on a large torn poster with his face in the center.

A flag hanging from a light pole in Iran is torn down by a masked woman wearing a burqa.

A large crowd of university students walk around American and Israeli flags that are painted on the sidewalk, symbolizing their support for the leaders of the two countries who have shown the most support for their fight for human rights.

In the second video, protesters allegedly chant, “You are ISIS to us!” at Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, that was previously under the control of General Soleimani.

Videos show university students in Tabriz ripping up a memorial for Soleimani that was set up on their campus.

Most university students walked around the US and Israeli flags on the campus, but when a handful of university students made the decision to walk on the  flags, protesters screamed at them, chanting, “Shame on you!”

President Trump has tweeted several messages of support for the Iranian protesters since their uprising. President Trump warned the Iranian leaders not to kill their protesters, as he threatened to “choke off” Iran with sanctions.

Kasraie responded to President Trump’s threat to Iran by showing a video of protesters who were allegedly shot by the Iranian regime. ***Warning***video is graphic.

Mike Doran showed a video of the pro-Iranian regime students living in England who are protesting the British Ambassador who allegedly took part in the protests in Iran over the weekend. He was arrested and then released shortly afterward.

The second video was allegedly taken last night and shows the Iranian protesters going strong. “Mike” asks, “What will Day 3 bring?”


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