WOW! This guy thinks he’s still in Iraq and can kill his wife at any time. That’s a right in Iraq? If you can stone a woman to death in the Middle East then you can strangle her to death for adultery. Animals!

A refugee, charged with murder, is facing the court. It is his right to kill his wife, the Iraqi had said to the police. Why he now has to go to prison, he cannot understand.

The 32 year old strangled his wife to death out of jealousy. The refugee delivered no statements about the murder to the court in Regensburg.

According to the prosecution, Jumaah K. was convinced that his 26 year old wife and mother of their three children, had an affair with another man. Therefore last November, the man strangled his wife to death in their bedroom in Laaber, township of Regensburg.

During the murder the three small children were in the house

After the murder, the man went to the police and turned himself in, accompanied by his three year old daughter. A little later the police discovered the body of the woman. An interrogator reported on Monday that the husband had said: “I have made use of my right to kill my wife.” But why he is going to prison, he cannot understand.

The refugee family with three children ages three to eight were housed in Laaber since beginning of September of last year. According to the prosecution, the husband went to the house on November 16th and strangled his wife to death. The children were present in the house during this time. Whether they witnessed the murder of their mother is not clear.

The process is being continued on Wednesday. The verdict is expected to be pronounced on the 22th of July.


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