An adjunct professor of communications (let that sink in) at California’s Cypress College in Southern California tried to shame student Braden Ellis because he didn’t accept her Critical Race Theory brainwashing.  The minutes-long exchange followed a presentation on the destructive and divisive nature of “cancel culture” that discussed attempts by leftists to cancel a children’s cartoon show, Paw Patrol, because it depicted police officers positively.

Woke adjunct professor bullying student Braden Ellis after his cancel culture presentation

During the exchange, the teacher became visibly and audibly upset that the student would refer to police officers positively.  At one point the student called police officers “heroes.”

His teacher was having none of it.  She repeatedly interrupted him and scolded him.  During the exchange, she referred to police forces as a “systemic” problem stemming from slavery that should not be referred to positively, especially on children’s shows.

So irrational were her arguments that, at one point she claimed she would feel more threatened by the police if they showed while a gunmen was breaking into her house.  She insisted she wouldn’t call the cops, but didn’t really have any solution to having a violent attacker coming after her.  When pressed for a solution to the gunman question she simply freezes the conversation and ends it by stating “it’s time to go.”

Watch the exchange, below

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When Ellis spoke to The Daily Wire, he noted his reaction to his teachers’ responses to policing in America.

“I was shocked to hear her comments about police, but I stood firm in my beliefs,” Ellis said. “We need to fight back against this liberal ideology spreading in our colleges and save America.”\

Now, the New York Post is reporting that the woke teacher has been placed on leave for her cop-hating rhetoric and bullying tactics used on her students.  But, unfortunately, that may not be enough as teachers like her may be a dime a dozen at the embattled school.

“Liberal ideology is bad right now and people need to expose it and fight back — with gentleness and respect. Imagine if we don’t fight back now? What will they teach us in 10 years? It would be pure hatred,” Ellis said. “I have another [teacher] who is just as bad. These teachers just spew divisiveness and hatred toward our country.”

The college, which is outside Anaheim, said Friday the professor would not be returning.

“The adjunct professor will be taking a leave of absence for the duration of her assignment at Cypress College. This was her first course at Cypress and she had previously indicated her intention to not return in the fall,” the school said.

Ellis told The Post he was refusing to name the prof out of respect for her privacy.

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