The liberal rag Daily Beast, NYDN and many other news sources just got caught promoting a fake news story that made Eric & Don Jr. look like they skipped out on a tab at an Irish pub during their recent overseas trip.

The video from the Irish pub is fantastic. Eric Trump spoke to the crowd and the brothers opened a tab for the entire pub.

As with any positive news story on the Trump family, the Trump-hating leftist media decided to turn this into something negative and untrue.

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The Daily Beast wasn’t alone…several other publications like the New York Post spread the fake news and the bashing on social media spread like wildfire…


A NYT reporter was called out for spreading the lie:

The Igoe Inn Bar & Restaurant set them straight!

When will the media stop their efforts to promote a dislike for everything Trump? They don’t do anything but divide Americans and spread lies. Shame on them!


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